New Mastercard Debit Card FAQs

As a 22nd State Bank customer, you deserve the very best in customer convenience as well as enhanced security and fraud protection. That’s why in February we will be sending new 22nd State Bank Mastercard debit cards to replace current debit cards. This card will replace existing cards on February 18, 2019, not before. Continue using your existing debit card until that time.

  • All cards will have a new card number and expiration date.
  • Update automatic payments with your new card number and expiration date.
  • You will be able to activate your new card immediately.

Why is my MasterCard debit card or ATM card being replaced?

22nd State Bank is changing card processors. With this change, we will better be able to provide enhanced security and fraud protection to our customers.

How will this impact me?

All 22nd State Bank customers with debit cards (consumer and business) will receive a newly designed card with the MasterCard logo. The new cards will begin to be mailed out early February 2019. You should receive your card soon thereafter.

NOTE: All cards will have a new card number and expiration date. If you use your debit card for automatic payments, you will need to contact the company to update the card number and expiration date they have on file.

Will I receive a new pin number?

No. Along with the new card, you will be provided with instruction as to how to obtain a PIN.

When and how do I activate my card?

You will be able to activate the new card beginning February 4, 2019. You will NOT be able to use the new card until February 18, 2019. On that date, your current debit/ATM card will be deactivated and the new card will become active.

NOTE: Do NOT destroy your old card until February 18, 2019.

With your new card, you will be instructed to call toll free (instruction will be provided) to activate your card and set a PIN.

Can I change my PIN?

You will need to set a PIN during the telephone activation process. Please note this will require that security questions be answered accurately with the information that we have on file.

You may also bring your new card into any 22nd State Bank location to activate the card and set a PIN.

Will the new card have the same security as my old card?

Your new card will have an enhanced level of security with the addition of the chip. Every time you use your card at a chip enabled terminal, the embedded chip generates a unique transaction code which helps prevent data from being stolen. When used in a chip-enabled terminal, these cards are much more secure than magnetic-swipe only cards.

Will the new card have the same functionality as my old card?

If the merchant has a chip-enabled terminal, you will insert your card into the terminal instead of swiping your card.

It’s easy to pay with a chip card at chip-activated terminals:

  1. Insert the chip end of the card into the slot in the terminal. The chip card slot is usually found at the bottom, but some slots are located on the top or side.
  2. Leave the card in the terminal while you follow the on-screen prompts.
  3. Only remove your card when the transaction is finished (if you remove the card early, your transaction may not complete).

NOTE: If the merchant you’re buying from doesn’t currently have chip-activated terminals, you can still swipe the card to pay.

Could I pick up my new card at the bank?

No. Because of the number of cards reissued, mailing cards to customers is the most efficient way to get cards to customers as quickly as possible.

Going forward, you will continue to come to any 22nd State Bank location and have a replacement card ordered as needed.

Why did I receive a new card but my wife, husband, son, etc. did not receive their new card?

Please make sure we have an up-to-date address for those other cardholders. If the other cards do not arrive by February 11, please have the person who did not receive their card call us at 334-687-1685.

What if I accidently destroyed my old card? What do I do?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to use the new card until February 18, 2019. If you accidentally destroy your old card, we will NOT be able to re-issue you a replacement card. You will have to use an alternative method of payment.

Why is my expiration date different from my spouse’s?

When the mass reissue was done, it automatically assigned new card numbers to each cardholder along with a new expiration date. The expiration dates were staggered so we did not have everyone’s card expire at the same time. This will not prevent them from using the card. One card will simply expire at a different time than the other.